Victorinox Clothing - Fashion, Quality and Heritage

First started in 1884, when founder Karl Elsener opened a workshop to supply the Swiss Army with a strong, reliable knife, Victorinox has grown and diversified at a rapid rate to become the company it is today.

Still a family business, Victorinox is now run by Carl Elsener, the great grandson of the brands founder.

Karl Elsener had an idea and a vision, to provide a sturdy knife, which, in the same unit, provided an array of useful tools that the average soldier would need.

This idea, along with the cross and shield logo, soon became a world renowned icon for quality, style and functionality, as the Original Swiss Army Knife was born.

So where did the name 'Victorinox' come from?

When Karl Elsener's mother died, he chose her first name, Victoria as the name for his new company. Shortly after, Stainless Steel, still the material of choice for the famous knives, was invented.

The abbreviation of Stainless Steel is 'Inox'-the two names (Victoria and Inox), were combined, and Victorinox was born.

In 1945, American armed forces part exchange stores sell huge numbers of the 'Swiss Officers Knife' to their officers and soldiers after World War 2.

The Americans called their new knives the 'Swiss Army Knife', and the term spread to all English speaking countries - and stuck.

Since the huge success of their knives, Victorinox have diversified into household goods, watches, travel luggage and clothing. All elements offer the same Swiss ideals that people come to expect, from functionality, to precision.

The clothing range reflects these same principles that the original knife helped to develop: extremely high quality, reliability and effortless style, all summed up under one instantly recognisable banner.

Made from premium materials, the difference with Victorinox clothing is obvious, from it's extra soft handle, crisp design and features such as vented sides to give you not only the best quality garments in your wardrobe, but also the most comfortable.

The range comprises of a huge selection of innovative pieces.

The jackets, made from technical materials but maintaining a strong element of designer style, give a smart silhouette to anyone.

The polo's offer a material made from 96% pique cotton, as well as vented sleeves to give the very best in wearer comfort.

Shirting and t-shirts offer a smart, fashionable fit, and much like the polo's, are finished in brilliantly comfortable materials.

All are branded with the iconic cross and shield logo.