Hemp As An Organic Clothing

Some clothing, like organic clothing, are manufactured under high concern to human health and green environment. They are environmentally friendly because the use of chemicals in their production is strictly prohibited by a biological agriculture movement. This global movement enforces a clothing production that is free of pollutants.

In this endeavor, standards were put in-line to regulate every organic processing. Biological clothing is environmentally friendly and is made from natural and non-synthetic natural fabrics as compliance to high standards set by Agriculture Departments throughout the world.

As a concern for the harm done to an environment by processing of other clothing materials, standards were set in an endeavor to produce this clothing as an alternative to creating a pollution-free environment. The materials used in manufacturing these clothes come from plants, which have not undergone a radiation process. Those plants were never treated with pesticides or herbicides for their growth.

The natural material commonly used in processing is organic cotton. Some organic fabrics are wool, hemp and silk. Biological materials are, in general, durable and do not require any chemical pesticide or herbicide.

Advantages of organic clothing

- The chemical pesticides and herbicides are strictly forbidden in the production process

- Therefore, human health is not exposed to harmful chemicals

- Animals' health is also not at risk

- Less gas emissions into the air and water

- Green and environmentally friendly.

There are some diseases, which are potentially caused by the exposure to pesticides. Those range from, but not limited to, asthma, fatigue, cancer and neurological disorder to nausea. It is therefore, imperative, in this regard, to encourage a continued use of natural clothing, which is harmless to human health. Clothing produced from natural fabric complies with agricultural standards. Those standards are aimed at limiting toxic emissions into the environment.

When purchasing this clothing, make it a point to check for the label on each garment. A distinction has to be made between organic and sustainable clothing, which is made from recycled materials. However, they all thrive to the same purpose of environmental care.

Another care has to be taken when cleaning organic clothes. Instructions have to be read carefully for each garment because some clothes are meant only for dry cleaning while some for washing. There are different dry cleaning solutions where some use petroleum and others use hydrocarbon. Because this type of clothing thrives to care for the environment, hydrocarbon is therefore not a viable solvent to be used because it causes pollution and is very harmful to the environment.

Any individual who is more concerned about environment and animals health will undoubtedly consider biological clothing. The quality of organic fabric used in production is unquestionable. But this type of clothing is relatively costly due to its environmental care. More people tend to adapt to this type of clothing hence it poses no risk to their health and animals.